Friday, August 19, 2011

The Astoria: a neighbourhood pub for techno geeks

Last Sunday at the Astoria my friend Amberleigh Forsyth put on a friendly show featuring peers who are making music that is strikingly earnest and genuine. Earlier in the week she and I agreed to trade her haircutting skills for my seamstress skills, resulting in her rocking a new costume on her west coast tour, and me proudly sporting a ponytail! (bright orange undercut).

Night Nest jammed on some nice synthy vibes, props for working live with an old school drum machine, Holzkopf brung the noise (as usual). Ashlee played her Zoo set which was new to me although she has been making the rounds at local gigs. Like Suicide vocals and Joy Division riffs backed with doo wop nostalgia (a trend I think...), only with a contrasting execution that has an air of vulnerability = very charming. Gak reminded me once again why I like Gak: its the soundtrack to a movie I would only watch for the soundtrack.

The Astoria has weird karaoke lighting and if I am ever involved in doing a show there I will be bringing additional stage lamps so that I can make a video. I anticipated being able to document the costume in action but due to the back lighting, its basically a silhouette.

Heres flash photography:

Then my camera died.

What you miss is Colby Sparks playing a dance heavy acid frenzy with his xox box, perfectly synched to a flavourful sampling of glitchy, deep and classic drums. Just recently having the opportunity to play alongside with his idol Ceephax (Andy Jenkins), the small world buzz may have just hit Colby, and his confidence is apparent. Evidence of his ability to carve out a set complete with head banging builds was obvious in the tiny crowd of fans jerking it to skronky bass lines. YAY ACID!

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