Sunday, November 25, 2012

I work for a company named Bang-On, designing and sewing clothing and bags made from used materials. I started the project and set up a studio in their warehouse on Powell and Cordova in March 2012.

Summer 2012

I started with dying levis and cutting them off.

And dipping them in bleach

I painted on some as well


I put patches on and behind

I decorated denim Jackets and Vests. Americana was in this summer for some reason I can't figure out.

I made hundreds of t-shirts into tank tops with the help of my co-worker Kate!

Leading into Fall ...

We have lots of denim so we made some fanny packs

and some big bags

My friend Frieda made some Pendleton Wool bags from some lovely unused wool that came in.

 Just recently recycled a cabin cozy HBC blanket + leather belts = back pack.

And a new discovery: Camo pants = back pack with built in pockets!

Sweaters = Mittens! 

Since I work 9-5 I spend most of my creative energy these days on work projects. I have been able to do some commissions for friends this year as well and I've been brainstorming for my own line of bags which I hope to get going in the near future. 

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